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Numbness and pain in feet after my stroke

by Alfred Beltran
(Miami Beach)

Question: Earlier this year, I suffered an ischemic stroke in the right side of my brain; however, a small portion of my left side was also hit. I suffered paralysis on the left side of my face, slurred speech, paralysis of my left arm and left leg and I was bound to a wheelchair, I was 39 at the time. I have been blessed to have a wonderful family and an extraordinary wife. My wife took it upon herself to do the therapy on me herself along with help from my older brother on Saturdays. I was able to regain my face and speech back to 100%, I kicked the wheelchairs 3 months later and I started moving my entire left arm on the 5th month post stroke. I still have a deficiency on my left hand, I can't make an angry fist but I can open and close it. I have to say my worst deficiency though is the fact that I have numbness on the top of both feet and hypersensitive on the bottom of my feet. I also feel like a burning sensation and I can't run or walk speedy. I hate to complain about anything since I feel lucky enough to have recovered approximately 85% but my feet are killing me and I do get extremely depressed because of it and at times frustrated. The doctor doesn't know when I will regain this awful sensation. I have researched everywhere and I can't find a possible solution or anything that will help me recover. Has anyone had this problem or known of someone with this problem? If so, have you/they recovered from this and in what period of time? Was there a specific exercise that was done to regain the sensation? Please help if you can. Thanks!

Answer: You can view for more treatment information on the type of pain you are describing. One other option that is not listed on the page above is Anodyne therapy which is used for diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy. I don't know if it would help with stroke pain, but you might look into it. As far as exercises, you could possibly try desensitization techniques such as vibration, massage, various textures used on a daily basis to decrease hypersensitivity. You could also try a TENs unit if your MD agrees to write a prescription, and you don't have any medical contraindications.

Comments for Numbness and pain in feet after my stroke

pain in my foot

I have the same. I had a stroke in 2013. My foot is painful all the time.

brain stem stroke

Like Paul, I had brain stem stroke 1 1/2 yrs ago. Or as neurologist said, minor stroke in bad place. But I, too, have the foot/toe, leg discomfort with hyper sensitivity on the right at times. I thought it might improve and maybe it did because the arch isn't in agony...but the rest is there and from reading other comments, not sure it'll ever go; neurologist said it might or might not. I could walk, right from the beginning, but sneakers make feet burn.

Stroke Survivor

I had a,Stroke about 2yrs ago due to H/P...I have some Complaints but l have learnt to make the best of it. I am happy too be Alive.

Ankle pain

My Husband had his stroke in 2011 was doing well until he broke his hip after a fall, because we didn't detect this until 4 months later the surgeon said it's too risky because of his stroke. He is still suffering from spasms especially at night and his ankle hurts. He now has one leg shorter. Has anybody had an hip replacement since having a stroke.


I had the same feeling after a stroke in my left arm. I found hot water on the limb would provide relief

Working on stroke pain

My fiance is a diabetic who survived cabg surgery, two heart attacks, four mini strokes, a major stroke, two pneumonia episodes, copd, renal stenosis, brain plaques neuropathy, CHF, groin pain and spinal stenosis to say the least.

It's been rough let me tell you. Staying active is important and doing daily exercise movements on the stroke effected arm and leg is essential.

The major stroke could of been caused by the one drug out of many that the docs added to his list in the hospital. He was in Catapres which gave him a major BP rebound when it didn't make him zombiefied. Don't use that drug!! I wanted him to quit it when the started it but he was concerned about pleasing doc orders because he was trapped in the hospital and we already complained about a previous drug that was no good. Damage is done and no compensation. Now, we are looking for cures.

Stimulating the muscles is important. We don't have a tens unit right now but it's supposed to help. I do massage therapy on his arm, back and legs. Tapping is helpful too.

We are planning on doing stem cell therapy (from fat) so he can move better as hope. We read about a doctor in Florida who gives shots in the bead of enbrel to patients and he claims miraculous results. We may do that if the stem cell therapy doesn't turn work out as good.

We take supplements/herbs! A lot of research supports turmeric and Curcumin as preventing inflammation and it helps regenerate neurons. Acetyl L carnitine helps neuropathy too by regenerating nerve cells. Other helpful stuff includes pqq, alpha lipoic acid, coq10, vitamin D, vitamin b3 and so on. We didn't try Vinpocetine yet but it sounds helpfu. A good diet plan is important too.

At night, it helps to rub an ointment in the arm and legs. This can be arnica gel or a menthol cream that has a topical analgesic; menthol; and methyl salicylate. The point is to reduce pain. If you take a pain medicine at night then take it with melatonin or one Valerian root pill(a natural muscle relaxer).Taking Gabapentin during the day helps but it can make you tired.

I read about Anodyne therapy but we haven't tried it yet because our insurance doesn't cover it. It gets heat into the muscles to release nitric oxide and repair damage tissue.

The stroke occurred last September and we hope to see improvements.

Message from Stroke Rehab Comments are from individuals regarding their experiences and should not be viewed as medical advice. You should check with your MD regarding treatments or drug interactions/safety of natural remedies.








Burning pain and numbness in feet

I had my stroke 15 months ago and I couldn't do anything except speaking perfectly. I felt like a brain trapped in a useless body. I was lucky enough to get into a hospital rehab. When I left 2 months later I wasn't able to do much. I was in a wheelchair, couldn't read or write walk or dress myself get to the bathroom. But my grandson quit his job and drove 700 miles to care for me. He was only 25..thanks to him I read and write, drive, get dressed, cook and clean but my feet are terrible, painful and burn like I'm in hell. LYRICA, GABAPENTIN AND OXYCODONE HAVE HELPED ME TO DEAL With it but its always there no one knows why

Response to numbness/sensations after stroke

I think a warm cup of lemon water first thing in am, eating fruits ONLY in the mornings and also green leafy vegetables ONLY in the evening & deep breathing daily.

7 months

7 months into my stroke or rather 7 months have passed since I had my stroke which was hemorrhagic paralysed on the left side walking with in 5 weeks considerable pain in my left shoulder and arm and a lot of pain coming later in my left foot to to describe this pain I would describe it as holding a porcupine or a hedgehog it never goes away

horrible pain to Margie

I had a stroke on right side 1 1/2 years ago, it has affected my left side. And yes, Margie, I also have the tennis ball tingly left foot. it makes walking very difficult; it is like balancing on a thick unstable sponge. I also have neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. I had a cervical fusion 1 year ago, it did not help. Made it worse. It is a daily continuing pain and does not go away. 24-7 it's there in your face. I am now going to a neurosurgeon who states the left foot and leg are all related to a lower back issue. He said that the brain is not the problem for my foot or neck and shoulder issues. Margie, you are the only one that knows what I am referring to with the rock- tennis ball- spongey foot. I wish you all the best and will advise if I have any luck with doctor. God bless us all

Survivor 1855

Can you please share what exercises your wife had you do to regain use of your left hand to such function cannot open and close my hand voluntarily


Horrible Pain

I had a stroke 2 years ago and I have horrible pain in my foot that just gets worse, but it's not just the pain - it's a horrifying Sensations white rocks or walking on a tennis ball or a Big Blob. Has anyone else experienced these sensations? I've never heard of it and neither have my doctors. If you know anyone with these sensations, let me know I feel like I'm all alone with this.

Hard to Believe

I recently had a stroke that crippled my left foot and it could have been worse because I have swelling and bruising down my left leg.
I thought it was broken had a hairline fracture. After further inspection, squeezing and moving of the toes: diagnoses, STROKE! Buddy!
I worry too much and take too many medications which I'm going to cease. My diet is OK, but I blame it on the damn vicodin!!!
Time to put together the old leg machine. I can't afford not even one month of disability!

hip pain

I had a stroke in 2011. I didn't lose the feeling on my right side but I could not move my right side. We had planed to go to Europe one month before my stroke. I was lucky I felt no pain at all for the first couple of years. I had a heavy exercise regiment from the day I left the hospital. I regain the use of my hand first with determination and of course they have me walking, at walking quickly. But my right leg is still a quite painful. I walk 2 miles 3 times a week. By Friday I'm real pain. I skip 2 or 3 days and the pain almost disappears. I'm so I was thankful for couple of years with no pain. Some muscle relaxers help. But I will keep walking until the pain go away. I have no choice. I got Rosette stone(German,I learned when I lived their)to help.

Minor tingling sensation in my left big toe

It has been very educational an comforting. I have benefited a lot from the questions and answers posted.

post-stroke left hand and foot swelling, numbness & pain

I also am experiencing swelling, numbness & pain in my left hand and foot, but has not yet gotten to the point to get me to ask for pain killers. What helps me deal is the forced-air foot massager in my hot tub for both my hand and feet.

Lidocane works 4 me

I'm 5 Yr's post stroke. I'm left side hemiplegic.
I also experienced chronic & intense pain on the bottom of my left foot. It was so bad that on several occasions I almost fell& it only exasperated an already depressing situation. On my own initiative I asked my doctor 2 prescribe me a lidocane cream prescription. The results have been positive in the extreme- exceeding all my expectations.
Every morning I dutifully apply the lidocane. It works 4 me. I can walk pain-free! A true miracle
U can call me if u need any further info:
Andy 304-312-8158
Good luck 2 all my fellow stroke survivors
Never EVER give up!

Same after stroke

I experienced a doozy of a stroke that affected the left side of my body. Within weeks after getting back from the hospital I started experiencing pain and burning sensation and numbness in my toes which is still around two years later. Wearing socks can be very painful believe it or not. I have never mentioned this to the doctors I just didn't want to deal with the possibility of them recommending more harsh drugs that may or may not help. Surprisingly if I massage gently my toes when they have this burning painful sensation it subsides only to begin again when you stop, go figure.

stroke pain in my left foot

I ALSO HAVE SEVERE CHRONIC PAIN IN MY LEFT FOOT FROM A STROKE. Its not fun. This pain has wrecked my life. I cannot wear socks unless there 100 percent soft fine cotton .When I step down on my foot it feels like Im standing on rocks and the pain..well I have to go to a pain clinic. In the am is the worst. I have to take a narcotic pain pill before I even think of walking. I also take the nerve meds for my feet with no relief. I take Gabapentin which is also Neurontin. This medication makes me tired, I just don't get it. Because I now walk with a limp its throwing off my right side and now its starting in my right feet. This is my worst nightmare. I am open to sugesstions. Good luck to you!and Rock On

You had a stroke and here's a reminder

Had TIA Aug. 2012. Just like most of you I was prescribed various medicines by my doctor to improve my health. And life became hell. I experienced different painful and sometimes embarrassing side effects. From losing weight, uncontrolled diarrhea, day long dizziness, vomiting. You name it, and I had it.

I am reading all your posts here and everyone is trying to look for a cure. Some shared their medications, some shared medical procedures and some recommended expensive therapies. Here is my reminder, how about we all try to discover first why we had the stroke in the first place. In my case, I am a type 2 diabetic. Dieting is the first step I thought of right away. Improving the quality and quantity of food I eat everyday. And the time I eat included. I incorporated the daily exercise in the form of walking and stretching. I had a glucometer and a BP monitor so that whatever I eat and whatever I do on a daily basis I monitor how my body is responding. When I started feeling better, I researched my medications and made changes. The ones I didn't feel I needed I got rid of, and the ones which were too strong I lowered the dose. Please remember medications are a cure and a poison at the same time. Your treating one part of your body and your polluting another. I also sought what nature has in abundance that can I can use as supplements.

Listen to your body and be observant. The pains are usually the clues. It can be the food you just ate that aggravated the pain or what gave you it for the fist time. Or the food your body needs but you never thought of eating. Don't disregard the unusual changes in your body. I had puffiness around my eyes and swelling around my feet lately associated with back pains. I researched it and realized I have edema. A symptom of chronic kidney disorder - a complication of my diabetes. A careful review of my diet and supplements revealed that there is such a thing as vitamin toxicity. I will make adjustments to improve my kidney condition.

Screen what you put in your mouth. Food, liquids, medicines, supplements etc. Usually, we complain about pains we actually brought on to ourselves. So we are the ones who can take it away too.

Lastly, have acceptance in your heart. When you get frustrated, you stress yourselves and you worsen your condition. Stay positive at all times. I can never get back to being 100% healthy. Many years of abuse I have accepted that I won't recover back to my youthful energetic self anymore. Find things that will make you happy and inspired. Look away from negatives and have a sense of appreciation for what you have at least, better than you're gone and left so many things undone. We can still contribute and inspire others. We have been slowed down, but we can still do what they can one day at a time. Good luck.

response from Great response, Dan. It really is important to take a look at our lifestyles, and what we are putting in our bodies. As a medical professional, I have seen many adverse effects occur because of medicines. With that said, however, I do recommend talking with your MD before discontinuing medications. Some medicines are truly not necessary but others may be very necessary and may even prevent death or another stroke. Also, just because you need a medication at some point in your life doesn't mean you will always need it so it's important to review what you are taking with your physician periodically. You may find after taking up a healthy lifestyle that some medications are no longer necessary, but always check with your MD first. Some medicines can have very serious side effects if you stop taking them abruptly.


I hope you feel better each day, My husband had a stroke in May 2014, His top/ under feet is still hurting right now. I just hope that the pain will go away, every time when I look at my husband my tears drop down, I feel your pain hope you better better and better.

Understanding your pain

I had a right brain stroke a year and a half ago. My left foot always hurts and feels swollen. I am thankful to be alive. My left hand has terrible sensations in it and sometimes has tremors. My left leg will sometimes shake too. I just try to bear the pain and use my cane when it so bad that I cannot walk on it. Wish you all we'll that know what we are going through as it is hard to explain to a non stroke person..Prayers help me.

Brain Stem Stroke

Any one who can share with me, I had a brain stem stroke on march 29th 2014 (this spring). I was improving the 1st 2 months then my leg, arm, knee, hand, and ankle got tingling and numbness. Chronic pain is in the right leg, knee, ankle and hand on my right side. I'll be thankful for anyone's advice. My pain is getting worse, I have no insurance, any kind of info will be greatly accepted. God bless.(

Chronic Foot Pain

Hi friend I'm Lee. I have lived with the same condition for 11 years but you can never get rid of it completely. It was lessened for me with pregablin, codeine & oxycodone. You will thank the lord for any type of relief. Believe me, I know what you are going through. I woke up 6 months after stroke and thought what the hell is this just when I was starting to feel slightly better. While being rehabilitated for the outside world it was worse than a kick in the teeth. Then I myself started writing poetry which helped me get my feelings down on a piece of paper and helped me. Preoccupy your mind with anything you like to do. Doctor gave me presciption for oral morph that takes it away completely but most doctors will not keep you on this for long but boy its like taking a short break somewhere nice
when you have lived so long with this undescribable feeling. At times it's like no one is listening, but the morphine will take it away completely for has long as you are allowed it. I'm still on it 6 months later. Good luck. Lee

Note from Comment is from a stroke survivor, represents his opinion/experience, and in no way should be constituted as medical advice. Please see your MD if you have unresolved pain.

burning in hand

I had right brain stroke 2 1/2 years ago.. was just googling info about my hand and your question came up.. I was paralyzed left side as well, regained 85 % , I have a feeling of being burned on my left hand , but you said hypersensitive.. maybe thats how I should describe it.. I have no answer searching, but you are the first I've heard closest to my issue , thank you for sharing


My stroke was 05/13/2009.
The pain in the foot (right bottom) is difficult to bear.

I have had back surgery replacing discs to no avail.

I have had tarsal tunnel surgery to no avail!

My doctor at Emory Dr Nicholas Boulis has told me that he can go back into the tarsal tunnel area and attach wires and then he can send signals which may eliminate the pain.

He also does surgery where he places a unit similar to a pacemaker for the heart but instead for the brain.
He sends impulses to the nerves which stop the pain in the feet.
This is cutting edge surgery. This is done by Dr Boulis.
He scheduled this for my older brother and my brother passed away before the surgery was scheduled (unrelated to the brain surgery).

Dr Boulis told me that doing the brain surgery would be his last choice of course.

My pain is very similar to yours. I also have Charlie horse type pain along with the bottom of the right foot pain.
My email is

Foot Pain

by Diana

Question: I'm 66 years old & had a left-sided stroke 12-18-2010. I've had no follow-up since then & have developed SEVERE foot pain & am at a loss as what to do for relief. My doctor placed me on Neurontin 300 mg TID but I have NO RELIEF & my b/p has increased since the stroke. The pain is 24/7 & my doctor now has I am at max dosage of Neurontin. It's hard to walk, even putting on socks/shoes HURT and my life is a living hell. I take vit B12 & also B complex & Mg which helps some. What can I do to regain NORMAL feeling in my feet/legs & right side. I function but it takes great effort. I want to get off all the drugs & feel whole again.

Answer: Hi Diana. Please see my answer and link above regarding foot pain and treatment options.

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Foot Pain After Stroke

by Kathy
(Riverside,ca usa)

Question My husband has severe foot pain after having a hemorrhagic stroke. Walking is difficult and the foot slides and is rubbed as he says "raw". There is no visual indication of skin being rubbed raw. It looks normal just the same as his other foot. Please help us with an answer.

Answer: Your husband may have what is called post stroke pain or central pain syndrome that is characterized by a deep burning and/or pins and needles sensation. Post stroke pain can be difficult to manage and may or may not respond to medication. I would have your husband visit a pain clinic where he can find a MD that specializes in dealing with pain disorders. Some treatments used include medication, injections, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation or deep brain stimulation.

Sometimes pain can be caused by spasticity or muscle spasms. If that is the case then you can ask your husband's neurologist to prescribe medication or consider injections to decrease the spasticity or tightness.

Comments for Foot Pain After Stroke

Foot Pain After Stroke

Had a 3 location left side cerebellum stroke at 65 that by the very grace of god, (and quitting smoking) I survived, and am walking.
Patience (X1000000) and SLOW workouts.
Lidocaine cream
alcohol rubs
keep circulation REALLY going. AND.....
I take BP a lot. I found that I could take less statins but always take 81 mg aspirin.
I got off one of my meds (amlodipine).
Always reach a little beyond what you think you can do.....except for driving. Always be totally ready for that. If I at all feel not ready to drive, after examining vision, reflexes, etc., etc. DONT DO IT.
It does get better.

Mini stroke left side lots of pin in foot and leg

I'm 45 years old I had a stroke. I haven't really got any walking because I'm not able to. I really would like any information that would help me with the pain and tingling in my legs. Is there any medicine that's not strongly addictive that I can take? Recommendations would be greatly appreciated. In regards to those who are in pain, hope all gets better.

Bottom foot pain after stroke.

Had stroke in 2013. Bottom foot pain began right after in Jan 2014. Today is Mar 15, 2016. Been to 4 hospitals, 2 regular doctors, 1 neurologist, 2 chiropractors and probably others. Tried everything, nothing helped except rubbing alcohol that eased it for 2 and a half hours day and night. Haven't had a 8 hours of sleep in 2 years. Today is the first time the pain has increased, started using pantothenic described by Adelle Davis in 1965. I'm a spiritual guy, a hopeful guy that doesn't give up easily, but I think of taking my life more often every day. It seems no one has any idea for relief. It seems they don't want to admit it. I admire most doctors, but I think some prey on people with intense pain knowing they will try anything for help. God bless all of you and my prayers to you.

Stroke after had baby

I am 36 and two weeks after I had second child. I had stroke. I suffer daily of central nerve pain syndrome. Tried everything so far no relief . Is there a group to talk to others going through this? I have a five yr old and seven month old and life is hard when ur in pain. My foot is the worst! Statistics on the surgery?Stroke happened January 2015

How is the burning doing in your feet?

Hi, It is great to hear that you recovered from so many deficits. But I'm curious if you ever resolved the burning foot issue? I too have had a stroke in 2015 and the burning foot seems to be what I'm struggling with most.

If you have gotten any relief from this, it would really be helpful to know what you did for relief. Thanks for sharing your amazing story!

Caregiver for my dad.

First, thank you all for sharing your situations. I was looking for help to understand what my father is feeling. He suffered an acute ischemic stroke in January 2013. He is a complete miracle; however, has tremendous right foot pain. The stroke caused expressive aphasia which makes it very difficult to understand how severe his pain is. From reading your posts, I have gained a better understanding of what he is feeling and how I can better help him.

I did learn that many stroke survivors will experience spasticity in their muscles for the rest of their lives. There is no cure. They did give him a pill that caused him to go into a zombie like state and he could not focus...we took him off that mess. He is now receiving Botox injections into his muscles. They seem to help and are required every 3 months vs a daily pill. We have noticed that soaking and heating pads help prior to a massage. He has to massage and stretch daily or it becomes stiff and more painful.

Anyhow, I thank you all for sharing and cannot wait to share your stories with him so that he can see that he is not the only one experiencing a pain that he knows is limiting his ability to be more independent.

Foot Pain after Stroke

Reading all these comments has given me a glimmer of hope. My father had a stroke 3 yrs ago, and suffers from severe foot pain in the left foot. It started with the small toes on the left foot, and now has increased to the big toes on both feet. It is so severe that he can't sleep, and when he does sleep the pain wakes him. Doctors don't listen, they just prescribe more heavy drugs, like end one etc, which is a radical way of the Dr saying he has no answers. Has anyone tried acupuncture, or was there any relief using a TENS machine to stimulate the nerve endings? I agree there is not enough services for the sufferers of stroke, and Drs need to do more research in order to understand what the stroke victims are going through. I will say survivors are the lucky ones, and we would rather have you all here, than gone, but quality of life without pain, and relying on medication is the flip side.
Thanks for posting your information, it is extremely helpful.

Never Give up!

I had a stroke on Feb 24, 2010; and my foot pain has been, and still is the major roadblock to my recovery! I can't put into words the agony I have endured! It is sometimes so painfully intense that I can not possibly walk even a few feet with my cane)! I truly feel sorry for anyone who may suffer the same fate. That said, we must Never give up ever! Be brave and keep walking(It's a long hard slog) despite the pain! Also, keep chasing the pain to find relief.God bless you & jolly good luck. Peace, Andy

foot pain

Post stroke foot pain should be studied more!
I am 48, foot pain post stroke is really bad. Other than knowing it is central pain, what to do for it is little known.

Foot Pain

My daughter had a stroke when she was 20 and his experiencing the same problem

Numbness following stroke

by Tony Lodge
(Renfrewshire, UK)

Question: I have difficulty sleeping due to numbness and burning sensation in my right foot and leg. My stroke was 10 years ago on my left side.

Is there anything I can do to give me relief from this condition particularly at nightime?


Answer: Unfortunately, pain after stroke can be difficult to manage. Some current treatment techniques involve medications (antidepressants and anticonvulsants have been helpful for some), deep brain stimulation, and motor cortex stimulation. One thing to consider since you are having an increase in pain at night is to make sure having the sheet or covers on your feet is not causing the pain. After stroke, stimuli that normally wouldn't bother someone can cause pain. I've worked with patients that have neuropathy that can't tolerate a sheet on their feet so that is something to consider.

It can sometime take meeting with several physicians before you find one that listens and is dedicated to helping you control your pain. As noted in the question above, I strongly encourage you to visit a pain clinic and MD that specializes in working with nerve pain.

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Hot pain in back hips and right leg

by Raymond Beadle

Question: Since my stroke 20 months ago, I've experienced hot right side leg and foot pain. It is extremely hot and I can only walk for a few minutes before the pain re-occurs. Can anyone help to diagnose my symptons? I've had a MRI scan and it was clear, but my symptoms still occur on a regular basis

Answer: I recommend reading the webpage devoted to central pain syndrome at

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Freezing and Burning Feelings Post Stroke

by Bongi Linda
(Muizenberg, Capetown, SA)

Question: I had a stroke in 2006 (CVA l hemiplegia) my left side still weak and thinner. I limp which now I accept. The problem is even on a sunny day sometimes it feels freezing cold but at night when I'm in bed once I start to feel warm I need to take my legs out of blanket because it feels like burning and the vein become thick.

Answer: It sounds like you may have Central Post Stroke Pain (CPSP). You can read more about it at

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by Leigh Goggin
(United Kingdom)

Question:Why all of a sudden do I have pain under my foot on my paralyzed left leg ten years after stroke just before my small toes?

Answer: I'm not sure why you would develop pain in your foot after ten years nor if it's even due to the stroke. If your toes are developing spasticity (increased tone) or are curling, then it may be a good idea to consult with an orthotist to see if there is some type of orthotic that would help. Some people have had relief by using orthotics such as toe crests or metatarsal pads.

Comments for Pain


Hey guys,
I had a brutal skydiving accident in 2013 (my parachute didn't open) I fell about 8000' with my parachute flapping overhead.

Anyway, my injuries includes 10 different breaks in my left leg and a traumatic brain injury.

I'm still getting back to walking
Gotta build back some muscle
Thing is, my foot just started hurting brutally on top and bottom.
Feels Really bruised.
I maintain walking each night with my walker to rebuild strength. Got a pot prescription.
Pot doesn't totally take the pain away but it does help with the pain and comforts me in the way that a campfire provides warmth on a cold night(I'm canadian, it gets cold up here once in a while 😁
I've been doing a lot of reading in an effort to help. Myself. All I can come up with is that the muscle rehabilitation in my foot may play a big roll as as your feet have an incredible amount of muscles and tendons and guts. The most of any area in the human body. I'm just going to keep walking everyday and keep a smile on my face.
I'm pretty sure positivity, although hard to provide at times, is the answer. SMILE, SMILE, SMILE 😀

Message from Stroke Rehab: Comments are from individuals about their own experiences and are not intended as medical advice. Always check with your MD for treatment options that are safe for you.

After a stroke I have pain at the side of my foot when trying to walk

by Andrew Owusu

Question: When walking, my feet seem to curl making me land on the side of my feet. Will an AFO help?

Answer: It won't get rid of pain, but an AFO may help the foot land straight. If you have tone in the foot, the AFO will not get rid of the tone so that would need to be addressed. I would visit with the doctor to see if tone is an issue and if something can be done and also ask for a referral to a PT and orthotist to see if an AFO would be appropriate. If it's your toes curling rather than your foot, then you may want to look into foot orthotics rather than orthotics for the ankle.

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  7. Flaccid Paralysis After Stroke

    Learn about stroke treatment for flaccid paralysis after stroke.

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  8. Vision Problems After Stroke

    Answers to patients' questions about vision problems after stroke and treatment.

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  9. Symptoms Getting Worse After Stroke

    If you experience sudden declines or changes after stroke, you should seek medical attention.

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  10. Flaccid Paralysis Treatment After Stroke: Questions and Answers

    Arm Passive Range of Motion
    Answers to questions about flaccid paralysis treatment after stroke including home exercises and treatment ideas.

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