Adaptive Fitness Centers and Gyms

Many stroke patients have difficulty with recovery after being discharged from therapy due to lack of equipment, decreased motivation, lack of access to fitness centers and uncertainty about what exercises to do. Adaptive fitness centers are an alternative to regular gyms in that they offer equipment that can be used by stroke patients or those in a wheelchair.

These centers are also very accessible to those with disabilities or handicaps. Unfortunately, adaptive fitness centers cannot be found everywhere. The purpose of this webpage is to list centers across the US and in other countries and to provide links to other webpages that provide adaptive fitness center resources. If you have a facility that you would like added to this list, please contact Please note that the following list is not exhaustive by any means. If you are looking for a fitness center that meets your needs as a stroke patient, I suggest checking out local resources such as senior fitness centers, city or county offered programs, and universities as these entities often have some type of adaptive sport and fitness facility or program available to the public. 

Boston/Charlestown, MA:  (aquatic therapy)

Chicago, IL:

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX:

England/UK (website gives location of inclusive gyms in England):

Glendale, AZ:

Englewood, Colorado:

Golden Valley, Minnesota:

Kansas City (Overland Park), Kansas:

London, Ontario, Canada:

Los Angeles, CA: (gym memberships and adapted classes available)

Maryland/NJ: (locations in Westminister & Timonium, MD as well as Middletown, NJ)

Milwaukee, WI:

Peabody, Massachusetts:

Phoenix, AZ:

Redmond, Washington:

Redwood City, California:

Quincy, Massachusetts: (Partnership program)

San Diego, California:

Santa Ana, California:

Victoria, BC, Canada:

Washington D.C./Northern Virginia:

White Plains, New York:

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