Stroke Information Websites

The following are stroke information websites devoted to stroke or issues related to stroke:

In the USA:

American Stroke Association

National Aphasia Association

National Family Caregivers Association

National Stroke Assocation

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Education (NINDS)

The Stroke Network 

Children's Hemiplegia & Stroke Association

Neuro Rehab Directory - site for finding neuro rehab products

Outside of the USA (English websites):

The Stroke Foundation of New Zealand

National Stroke Foundation (Australia)

Stroke Recovery Association (NSW)

Stroke Association (UK)

Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland

Northern Ireland Chest, Heart and Stroke Association

Stroke Engine Family (Canada)

Stroke Information Websites with Stroke Exercises

Some links are not specific to stroke, and always check with your health professional before pursuing exercises after stroke to see if exercises are appropriate for you. In addition therapies are frequently changing and may become outdated due to new research. - hand and arm exercise program for people with stroke - exercises for facial paralysis -help to improve the strength, control and movement of the foot - variety of exercises for stroke including arm, leg, balance and core exercises - exercises to help with complex pain and movement problems. Exercises include right/left discrimination, visualization of movement, and mirror therapy. - Exercises to help get your voice back after stroke - occupational and physical therapy printables, forms, worksheets, and activity ideas  (fine motor skills) - worksheets to train the eyes and stimulate the brain - fitness and mobility exercise program designed for stroke patients - provides information related to stroke recovery as well as two illustrated exercise programs to help stroke patients gain strength and range of motion - Stroke rehab Pinterest page with many resources related to stroke exercises.

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