Fatigue After Stroke

It is common to suffer fatigue after stroke (also called post stroke fatigue) even after mild strokes. In fact, increased mortality has been identified in those that experience post stroke fatigue and depression especially in those who are single and don't have a good support system. The following are suggestions to help combat fatigue due to stroke:

1) Examine all medications taken, and make sure fatigue is not a side effect. If it is, ask your MD if there is an alternative medicine that doesn't cause fatigue.

2) If sleep is being disturbed, discuss medications or herbal remedies with your physician that might help improve sleep.

3) Make sure all medical conditions are being managed. A bloodwork check might point to other factors that could contribute to fatigue (i.e. anemia, problems with blood sugar, etc.)

4) Stay fit. According to studies, exercise helps improve depression/fatigue. Aquatic exercise or walking may be good alternatives. Find an activity you like that will promote improved fitness.

5)Check with your MD to see if you have clinical depression which may need treatment with medication or counseling.

6) Socialization is important. Try to get involved in activities that require socialization with others.

8) Practice cognitive exercises that will help combat mental fatigue. This could be crossword puzzles or simply playing games with others.

9) Make sure you are taking rest breaks and naps as needed. If you are doing your own cleaning, cooking, driving, and shopping, it may be too much. The stroke victim may need help with these tasks even though they seem physically capable. You can search "energy conservation techniques" on the internet which will supply many ideas on making daily tasks easier.

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