Adaptive Clothing for Stroke Patients

Adaptive clothing is available for stroke patients who have difficulty dressing themselves due to weakness, immobility, or poor coordination. After having a stroke, one may experience hemiplegia or hemiparesis which causes weakness on one side of the body. As a result of this weakness, the stroke patient may have great difficulty with getting dressed. While in a rehabilitation center, stroke patients and caregivers may learn hemiplegic dressing techniques which focus on using the unaffected arm and leg to perform dressing. Other techniques learned may involve using adaptive equipment such as a dressing stick or button hook.

With severe disability, getting dressed or undressed can sometimes become too difficult even with hemiplegic dressing techniques or special equipment. There is a solution for this dilemma. The answer for problematic dressing is adaptive clothing. This type of clothing is designed to make it easier to get dressed or designed to make it easier for caregivers to assist a patient when getting dressed. 

Do you have trouble putting on a bra or button down shirt?  Is tying your shoes too difficult? Do you avoid going out because it's a chore to get your pants off to go to the bathroom? Adaptive clothing uses solutions such as velcro, magnets, or snap closures rather than buttons to make dressing easier. Other solutions include the ability to apply clothing from from a seated position, accommodating problems like swelling or poor circulation, and allowing for quick changes when incontinence is an issue. There are even pants that can be changed from a seated position with no standing required.   

It is often difficult for stroke patients to tie a shoe, button a button, or even pull on a garment. Adapted clothing offers conveniences such as seated dressing designs, easy closures, zipper front dresses or robes, comfortable shoes with velcro, front closing bras, open back clothing, wrap skirts, side opening pants, and more. You can also find accessories that help improve safety and cleanliness such as non-skid socks, arm protectors, and protective bibs.

It is challenging to find fashionable clothing that alleviates the daily struggle of dressing for stroke patients. There are several online stores that specifically offer adaptive clothing. The website, has a large line of specialty clothing for men and women that can be ordered online. The website also provides videos with informative dressing tips. Their clothing is designed to be inconspicuous and allows the stroke patient to dress with dignity and ease. Click the links below for a few examples of apparel they offer:

Womens Adaptive-Top Ladies Fashion Adaptive Top

Adaptive Tracksuit With Open Back Pants - Homecare Adaptive Tracksuit With Open Back Pants

View Silverts online catalog at

Other Adaptive Clothing Websites

Other online websites that offer adaptive clothing include,,, and

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