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After a stroke, one may wonder what home exercise equipment would be helpful in recovery. Below are some examples of various rehab equipment available for home use that I have found helpful for stroke patients. Please note that equipment will be right for some patients but not for others. Check with your physical or occupational therapist to see which equipment and stroke exercises are right for you.  

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Pedal Exercisers

These can be put on a table to use for the hands and arms or put on the floor to exercise the legs. Prices vary greatly with three different models shown below ranging from $30 to $150 USD.

Finger and Grip Strengthening

Hand Exercisers, Putty, and Flexbars

Flexbar by Theraband

Balance Training

Balance board and large exercise balls:


Bands, Tubing, Dumbbells, Ankle/Wrist Weights:


Pegs, lacing beads, bean bags, clothespins, Chinese balls:

See our hand exercises page for more coordination exercises.

Arm Skate

Assists arm range of motion (One can often slide a towel on a table for a similar affect - the skates can be a little cumbersome, but some people like the skates)

Low Mat Table

There are portable low mat tables that can be used for sitting balance and exercises in supine (face up) and prone (face down) as well as sidelying. These are firmer than a bed making it easier to do exercises. Make sure the stroke patient would be able to transfer on and off the table prior to purchasing. Many portable mat tables would be too high for a stroke patient to get on, so make sure you are buying one that is lower in height or adjustable to a lower level.

Mirror Box

If you are trying mirror therapy at home, you can make your own mirror box or buy one online.

Step Stools

A sturdy, wide step stool can be used for improving LE strength and working on various therapy exercises for mobility, gait and leg strength.

Other Household Items

In addition to the home exercise equipment mentioned above, one can also use  simple items around the house for therapy exercises. Examples of items you may already have around the house that can be used for stroke rehab include:

Balls (ie soccer, basketball) - These can be used for weight bearing to the weak hand, rolling with the weak hand, bilateral activities such as lifting the ball, or coordination activities such as catching, throwing, or kicking the ball.

Household Tools (ie nuts and bolts, screwdriver) - Tools can be used to work on fine motor coordination for the stroke patient who has hand movement but lacks quality of movement.

Other home exercise equipment at Amazon


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