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Subluxation of the Shoulder

Yesterday we were told my husband had a two finger subluxation in his shoulder. My husband had a Afib stroke four years ago. He is getting acute therapy for his arm and shoulder and the therapist was concerned about the severity of the subluxation. Today she could not find the subluxation and even had two other therapist check. Does this happen? Should we be concerned it may return?

Stroke Rehab reply: This is rather unusual. I wouldn't expect to see a 2 finger subluxation and then it not be there a few days later especially since he is four years post stroke. Make sure they check for laxity/instability in the shoulder joint to make sure structures are intact and that the joint is not excessively mobile. If there is not instability and no subluxation is present, then I would not be concerned. If there is instability, then there might be risk of subluxation/dislocation. You will need to talk to the therapist working with your husband to truly know the condition of the shoulder and what precautions/exercises they recommend.

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