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I can assure you

I am now hemiplegic with no use, just pain, in right arm. Over the last year I have got more dysphasia with my wants and needs coming out in swear words or inconsequential comments blurting out. I can actually feel my brain unraveling. I'm frightened.

Science weekly article

My husband is 2 years after a stroke & I felt he was getting worse . I found an article in Science weekly about a study from 2015 which confirms this can happen! Google "stroke symptoms getting worse" & the link should appear .

Blockage type stroke

My mum presented stroke symptoms , pain in right brain and left side dongles and numbness. Feeling has returned but mri shows nothing on that side of brain. However they've found she has had a stroke on left hand side of brain but a couple if weeks previous at least, not on the day symptoms showed. She also cannot walk or move without being violently ill. Drs are wanting to restore crystals in her ears as they are sure that's causing all dizziness and sickness and now rule out these symptoms and immobility are anything to do with stroke? Can anyone tell me ? Is it possible to have symptoms show 2 weeks after a stroke?

Worse Since the Stroke.

Stokes are such a mystery. In most cases people improve after a few months. Sometimes symptoms worsen when another stroke is developing. That's what happened to my husband. I could tell something was happening, so I took him to the neurologist, nothing showed up on test and 2 weeks later he had a stroke close to the "brain stem". The doctor said you were right something was developing. Enjoy today because tomorrow is not promised to you. Prayer and meditation helps so much.

F. Jenkins

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