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post stroke spasticity
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with MS in my mid thirties .We’d never heard of it. The first thing we did was go to the library to find out more. I am a builder so it was grim reading building being a physically demanding job but I was born to build never ever thought about doing anything else .to carry on building. When this stroke hit me you could say I was ready. I am currently having botox the neurologist said botox isn’t a remedy. So referred me to have an FES assessment I went to the Barlow medical for the assessment the assessment consisted of putting electrodes on my arm there was a reaction as I expected I recall doing the same thing in biology at school with dead frogs. I have to pay for these assessments. I do not doubt the efficacy of FES with the amount of private clinics opening up and all the work being done I read a lot about the success it’s had the assessor who I believed to be a clinician for all FES treatments treats feet I wasn’t sure of the suggested that stem cell which is an invasive procedure would be my best option as the majority of the FES treatments are focused on drop foot contrary to all the research and results. I have contacted a number of these in my area the responses are the same a list of stroke remedies and prices for which I have already started to pay at the Barlow medical.FES treatment. One of them MNC "try before you buy" wanted me to pay for an assessment first. We can’t afford the money I do have I would rather spend on trying and not use it up on assessments When I was diagnosed with MS. and joined the local MS centre where there were many therapies available rekei aromatherapy, Hyperbaric oxygen tank and homeopathic medicine I told the practitioner I would design and build a house for nothing if he could help he didn’t get either. So you could say I’ve experienced many false dawns. They may have been fine for some but not me. One thing I have learnt at the MS centre is everybody has different reactions to therapies .All I want is the opportunity to try the FES treatment on my own volition and not keep on paying out for assessments. I do have sensations in my upper arm when I visualise which I do regularly a sensation starts at whatever place I’m trying to visualise down to my feet often ending up in a kick I have also found holding my left hand flat relieves the shoulder subluxation which I think has something to do with to muscle cell fibres separating get I put all this down to my nerves misfiring like making phone call without the dialling code sending a message that doesn’t know where to go

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