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My friends brother had a stroke almost 2 years ago. At first, it was touch and go. He had swelling on his brain so they cut a piece of his scull off to help with the swelling. After about a few weeks or maybe a month, he started to come around. They were able to place the skull back and after a while he started speaking or trying to form words. Then a few months later he seemed to be getting better, he was eating, laughing, recognizing family members that came to visit etc. then he ended up having another stroke and now it seems as though things are worse. I'm a new nurse and I'm still learning. My friend calls me all the time to ask questions and give me updates. It's been a long road and I understand that it is a process. He's now at a nursing home and just recently he had pneumonia and an infection from his feeding tube so they took him back to the hospital. My friend just called me today saying that the doctors are recommending palliative care. I feel bad for him and his family. I feel like that's end of life care. Is he dying?

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