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Major, severe ischemic left MCA/ACA

My wife is approaching +250 days total hospitalization after suffering a massive debilitating left brain arterial occlusion (stroke). She has undergone decompressive hemi-craniectomy, thrombolysis, thrombectomy, angioplasty, PEG & Trach and cranioplasty. She has contracted and overcome numeous hospital-acquired opportunistic infections including MRSA & ESBL Klebsiella. PPO Insurance has determined no further rehabilitative progress is achievable via either speech or physical therapy or rehab. Wife remains hemiplegic and aphasic and sadly I have to concede 8 months and +$3M in medical services later have yielded scant progress. She is relegated to a hospital bed supine and completely unable to move or speak. She is totally dependent on CNA + LVN round the clock support for changing, medicating, feeding, rotating and xfer to wheelchair for washing. She is unable to move about herself and has only basic movement of her left arm. Does anyone have any suggestions or words of encouragement for my wife who is in this apparently hopeless state?

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