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Concerned post stroke patient.

Sounds like you had a stroke. *please consult your doctor. So you can get a mri to find out the cause..q


The same scenario I had a vertebral artery dissection causing a major stroke 12 yrs ago. After a yr recovery I only had balance issues. Now I’m having memory issues, falling constantly and my hand spasms and I am dropping/spilling things...frustrating

new symptoms after 15 years. Why?

I had an ischemic stroke 15 years ago due to a carotid dissection and was paralyzed briefly on my left side. Now, 15 years later, my balance is deteriorating and my left arm is not functioning properly. It flexes involuntarily when I am serving a tennis ball. An MRI and ultrasound showed nothing. My neurologist doesn't have an explanation of a solution. I am puzzled and very upset.

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