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recovery is hopeless
by: Anonymous

I had a severe massive stroke still paralyzed after 2 1/2 years. Family member has screamed and yelled at me saying I don't want to recover, that I have to exercise even if it is painful. I received 36 physical therapy sessions. Now I am told I will never walk or live alone because I did not apply myself. I give up. This is apparently the way I will always be. I have done this to myself.

No way of knowing
by: Terri

My 85-year old mom had a stroke about six weeks ago and the doctor in the hospital told me the same thing- Mom was never going to get better or be able to really participate in life ever again. She actually started improving as soon as she left the hospital and went to rehab facility. She is still extremely impaired, but has been making steady progress. Unfortunately, she has a couple of pressure wounds on her heels that aren't healing, so the rehab sent her back to the hospital yesterday. I'm worried about that because I think being in the hospital and away from her therapy schedule is going to cause her to regress. It is also depressing and exhausting for me, since there are really no great scenarios and I've been with on the journey for at least part of the day every day for the past six weeks. I was just getting ready to take a "day off" when they sent her back to the hospital to evaluate the wound problem. Today was the second day back in hospital and there is still no plan, so who knows how long before we get back on a routine again where I'd be reasonably comfortable leaving for a day.

by: Lorraine Turner

My mum had a stroke 8mths ago, paralized on the right side, has movement in leg now walking with walker and stick inside, she was starting to progress with her hand and arm, now she is not doing anything always an excuse, I'm so frustrated and starting to feel used and despise her. I feel like she is wasting my life being here while she won't try and help herself, mum is 67 yrs old I am 43 yrs old
Please help me

Never Give UP
by: Mark A. Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP

I would never give up. The caregiver in this case should never take a statement and stop. The mark of success in any endeavor is to keep searching for answers until it is certain that an answer is or is not found. There have been many instances where people have been told there is no hope, and the family refuses to accept that. Many stories have been told where families go forward and find someone who can!
Often people give up before doing everything humanly possible. The answer here is to never give up. What most people in history have thought of as impossible, actually occurred when one had intense desire to move forward with a goal or talking. Just look at the Wright Brothers, or Christopher Columbus, or John Kennedy when he made a pledge that our country would put a man on the moon. Everybody thought it was impossible!
Impossible is often possible!
Mark Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP
The speech pathologist who can make a rock talk!

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