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Shoulder Subluxation

Shoulder subluxation is not a good thing. While lying make sure pillow should be supported up to shoulder level. Whenever he is sitting pillow would be supported from axilla. Apart that subluxation leads to unnecessary stretching the peripheral nerves might be suffered by (CRPS)shoulder hand syndrome in future.

Comment from - Many patients have subluxation that do not have pain or develop CRPS. The important thing to remember is to position the arm, handle the arm with care, and to perform passive range of motion (PROM) as instructed by your therapist (shoulder blade needs to rotate when raising the arm). To help you determine if your loved one needs a sling, you can review which outlines when a patient may need a sling.

name of subluxsling

I am very interested in the name of the sling that helped decrease your pain. I have a patient with pain from subluxation. Thank you.



This slubluxsling is apparently a huge improvement over other slings. Have you looked it up?

Answer: Yes, I have actually recommended it to some patients, but I don't think all patients need a sling, and I find that many patients won't wear a sling even if they do get one. I had a patient who loved this sling due to it helping with the pain. I like that this sling seems to help improve shoulder posture (my observation). No sling, however, helps the arm move again nor is there good evidence that slings in general stop subluxation. If a patient wants a sling, and especially if they are having pain, I tell them about this sling, but in many cases I do not suggest slings.

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