Caregiver Assistance and Websites

The following is a list of websites that talk about caregiver assistance and information. Find out how to assist with stroke recovery, what's involved in elder care, how to deal with issues that caregivers face, and how to hire outside caregivers.
A leading provider of information and resources for family and professional caregivers.
An on-line stroke support network of stroke information.
Founded in 1977, Family Caregiver Alliance was the first community-based nonprofit organization in the country to address the needs of families and friends providing long-term care at home. Long recognized as a pioneer in health services, FCA now offers programs at national, state and local levels to support and sustain caregivers.
Nationwide Senior Care Resource For Caregivers, Families & Companies Since 2003.

Elder Care: First Steps – Caring for an aging parent, elderly spouse, domestic partner or close friend presents tough challenges. Often, you're not sure of the next step, or even the first step. This article from Aging Parents and Elder Care is a step-by-step guide to help you begin your caregiving journey.

Elder Care Online
ElderCare Online is a beacon for people caring for aging loved ones. Whether you are caring for a spouse, parent, relative or neighbor, they are committed to providing an online community where supportive peers and professionals help you improve quality of life for yourself and your elder.

Caregivers Needing to Earn Income from Home

Are you a caregiver that needs to earn income but also needs to stay home and take care of your loved one? I recommend Sitesell. Here is more info about working from home. Please note that it still takes hard work and dedication, but it is a very viable way to make money if you have the time to spend at home while caring for your loved one.

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