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Botox and therapy/exercise that work, at least for me

Hello In conjunction with botox injections, I have therapy to work on my affected arm hand and fingers. I have found thru experience that this process

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Sensory overload

Question: I've had 2 hemorrhagic basal ganglia strokes 7 weeks ago. I'm in OT and speech therapy and doing well but I can't handle too much stimulus! Busy

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QuestionHow do you deal with a 75 year old man who had a severe stroke, who is about 7 yrs old in his brain and he can barely move but runs off every chance

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Recumbent Cross Trainer (bike)

The total body exercise, combined with the stability provided in the seat, was Priceless! I have relapses, so this is a must have for my home. It quickly

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Walking challenges

Question: I suffered a stroke 5 years ago. I had a heart transplant 3 years ago and did my rehab post-transplant. After a year I was released as functional

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Electrical muscle stimulation

Question: My husband has no movement in his left arm or hand after suffering a stroke in March of this year. We are thinking of purchasing a muscle stimulator.

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surgery to regain use of hand

Question: I had my stroke 4 years ago and lost the use of my left leg, arm and hand although I am now able to walk a little with the aid of a stick. My

Continue reading "surgery to regain use of hand"

Hand Swelling

Question:My fingers are swollen. What do I do about it? It swelled about 4 weeks after my stroke. I've had x-rays and they said there was nothing to see.

Continue reading "Hand Swelling"

Help for my son after two massive strokes age 40

Question: Where can I find shoes for my son that his right side is paralyzed? Where can I find help for him for his memory loss, reading, writing and loss

Continue reading "Help for my son after two massive strokes age 40"

Depressed Mother of a 26 year old.

Question: My daughter suffered a brain aneurysm 4 years ago the worst time in my life. From one min of being a normal 21 year old working, driving living

Continue reading "Depressed Mother of a 26 year old."

Hemiparesis Exercise Program

Question: I have a left hemiparesis from an embolic stroke in 1998. My arm is completely paralyzed but I can walk with a quad cane or hemi walker. My question

Continue reading "Hemiparesis Exercise Program"

Problems with numbers and time spans

Question: My husband's stroke was five months ago. He has lost the use of his left side and is unable to swallow. I was relieved that his memory and

Continue reading "Problems with numbers and time spans"

Word Recall

Question: My mom had a small stroke last fall, and it affected her word recall, especially under stress. Her conversation is normal, but she cannot recall

Continue reading "Word Recall"

Knee weakness after a stroke

Question: I had a stroke eight year ago, was paralyzed on my right side which resolved after the better part of a year. I was left with this residual

Continue reading "Knee weakness after a stroke"

Apathy - How To Treat?

Question: My wife had her 2nd left side stroke 2 1/2 years ago. She has lost about 50 lbs and has almost no interest in eating. She is content to sit

Continue reading "Apathy - How To Treat?"

botox and massage therapy after a stroke

I'm a massage therapist and I have a client who had a stroke 2 years ago. She is paralysed on her right side from the arm down. Her wrist is really flexed

Continue reading "botox and massage therapy after a stroke "

what should I be doing around the house for my paralyzed mother

Question: I'm 13 years old and my mom Debbie had 2 strokes when I was 8 months old. I have been doing everything a mother should be doing ever since I

Continue reading "what should I be doing around the house for my paralyzed mother"

Hardened Knees

Question: My mom had stroke for almost 2 years now but few months ago she suffered from sepsis.She hasn't been on a therapy for a year now. I think that's

Continue reading "Hardened Knees"

Returning to pre-stroke fitness level

Question: I am a 25 year old stroke survivor at the one month anniversary of my stroke and AVM surgery. My recovery was a miracle and I regained function

Continue reading "Returning to pre-stroke fitness level"

Any devices to recommend for communication

Question:My father-in-law had a major stroke 19 years ago. He has basically lost speech. He is an amazingly intelligent person, reads still nonstop but

Continue reading "Any devices to recommend for communication "

Lethargic, tired, drowsy.

Question: I had a minor stroke 3 months ago. It affected my speech. I recuperated most of it. I still feel lethargic, tired, drowsy some days more and

Continue reading " Lethargic, tired, drowsy."

Muscle contractions

Question: I had a stroke 5 years ago at the age of 46 with weakness on the right side. My arm has some movement but I still can not pick up objects.

Continue reading "Muscle contractions"

Mini Stroke in the elderly.

Question: My Mum-in-law had a mini stroke 5 weeks ago, She is recovering slowly and her speech is coming back. She is 87yrs of age. She says she feels

Continue reading "Mini Stroke in the elderly. "

Occupational And Physical Therapy

Question:Is it common practice for both Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy to be performed simultaneously? (ie. two therapists working on the same

Continue reading "Occupational And Physical Therapy"


Question: What do I with drop foot? I' m not comfortable wearing an AFO, Walkaid is expensive. Answer: There are various braces and straps that can help

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