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Tunnel vision from stroke

Question: My husband suffered a stroke that only effected his eye sight. It left him with tunnel vision. He says he can see everything upward but out

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David's stroke experience

When I was six weeks of age I had a stroke. I have hemiplegia of my right hand side. I am now an adult, and had physio therapy as a child, but not the

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Rehab from hip surgery on stroke side

Question: I had a hemorrhagic stroke Oct 2015 and had labral hip surgery on my stroke side April 2016. The surgeon says the surgery was successful on

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Question: Hello, my mom is 73 years old and this is her second stroke. Her first stroke was in 2011. The doctor called it a speech stroke. hHer mobility



Question: My husband had a stroke 2 years ago. It affected his right side. He walks with a cane and a little without one but can not use his right hand.

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Equipment to be more independent

:Question: My husband had a stroke a month-and-a-half ago. He is still unable to move his left arm. I was wondering if there was any kind of device that

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possible mental issues

Question: Ten days ago my father had a brain stroke. Three days after the stroke he opened his eyes. Five days after the stroke he began moving his left

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strength exercises to get up from a sitting postion

Question: I had a stroke over a year and a half ago. I am still not able to get up from a chair if its too low. I am able to get up from my bed and a stool

Continue reading "strength exercises to get up from a sitting postion"

contraindications of using a one arm drive self propelling wheelchair

Question: Are there any contraindications to using a self-propelling one arm drive wheelchair to mobilize after a stroke? Does it effect the affected

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Emotional and Mental Issues After Stroke

Emotional and mental issues are not uncommon after stroke. Discover what you should do if your loved one is experiencing such issues.

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Exercise fit bit

Question: Before my stroke 4 years ago, I was going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I often wore a fit bit on other days. After my stroke, my walking

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difference between flaccidity and hypotonia

Good Evening, Question: My question is if there is a difference between flaccidity and hypotonia or not? In my point of view, there is a difference in

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Lifting a patient with left side neglect

Question: My mother and 86 year old retired nurse midwife had a right hemisphere stroke and is now in rehab. I have seen numerous nurses and CNA care

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Baby sling

Question: I had a stroke in 2014- My arm has not really returned. My daughter is adopting two infants and I want to be able to hold them. What sling or

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Getting into Rehab

Question: My husband had mini strokes, and his right side is weak, who do I talk to or call so I can get him into therapy? Answer: He would need to visit

Continue reading "Getting into Rehab"

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