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Stroke Recovery Tips, November 2013 Issue
November 14, 2013

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Below you will find the latest from the November 2013 Issue of Stroke Recovery Tips.

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From the November 2013 edition of Stroke Recovery Tips:

Home Modifications for Stroke Patients

Below are some recommendations for home modifications that may be helpful for a stroke patient:

* Widen doors for wheelchairs.

* Make sure the shower and toilet are accessible. This may involve widening doors , putting up grab bars, remodeling the bathroom, making counters wheelchair accessible, or purchasing equipment such as shower chairs, transfer tub benches, hand held shower heads, or raised toilet seats.

* Remove trip hazards including throw rugs, cords, and toys. Make sure pathways are not too narrow. You may need to rearrange furniture.

* Make sure there are no animals that will jump on the patient causing them to fall.

* If steps are present that the patient cannot navigate, then you may need to build a ramp.

* Make sure flooring does not interfere with walking or pushing a wheelchair. Consider more appropriate flooring for wheelchair and walker use.

* If the patient is in a wheelchair, move items down within their reach.

* If the patient needs 24 hour supervision, make sure there is adequate help whether it be family, friends, or hired caregivers to assist. This job should not fall on only one person!

* Purchase a medical alert system.

For the patient who is able to work in the kitchen, one might consider these modifications:

* Use lightweight, non-breakable dishes.

* Use a rolling cart to push items around in the kitchen if grip strength or holding items is a problem.

* If the patient uses a walker then a walker tray or walker with a seat might be used for transporting items.

* Slide items along countertops as needed if it is too difficult to pick them up.

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