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Using computer mouse left handed

by John Davis
(Hayling Island UK)

At the age of 79 I had a right-sided stroke that mildly impaired my left side. I am right-handed. I trained myself to use the computer mouse left-handed while playing complex patience games on a 27" screen. This required developing smoothness, accuracy, and observation - if you have ever watched someone playing patience and spotted they needed to put the black six on the red seven, you will know what I mean.

I call my approach speed patience as it requires at least 10 movements a minute and tests cognitive ability as well as physical control.

I started because it was clear that the stroke team's physiotherapy was more oriented to a core strength for the elderly approach, working from a playbook of exercises. Three one-hour sessions playing left-handed got me walking normally - toe drop was eliminated and balance improved.

I sail a 29ft yacht, and following RNLI advice always wear fingerless sailing gloves. I noticed that after a four-day trip numbness in the left hand markedly improved - I now have a series of gloves to change the sensation experience a mix of cycling, sailing, and heavy work gloves. Needless to say, the combination of the observation, movement strength and balance required to cope with wind and tide requires a high level of cognitive ability, so I would recommend contacting your nearest Sailabilty centre to other stroke victims.

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