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by Rodolfo J. Valencia Sr.
(Fontana, Calif.U.S.A.)

Question: I suffered a stroke(cva) August 2004 at age 62. I have left side paralysis consisting of left arm & hand spasticity and left foot-drop.I had virtually no rehab as I was told initially there was virtually no hope of recovery other than a possible spontaneous recovery that would occur in the first few months after the CVA IF AT ALL. Because of this medical prognosis and my own feeling that I would probably not survive for long, I haven't looked for or expected any help with my condition. Well that's been 14 years of a very difficult life since. Since I'm not really on my deathbed yet, I've decided to look into whether the medical profession has made any progress along these lines in the last dozen years. What I'm looking for is information as to what medical specialty I should look into for any help.

Answer: You can absolutely ask a MD to write orders for physical and occupational therapy. It doesn't matter how long ago your stroke occurred. Once you have orders, you can contact a facility and they will let you know what insurance will or won't pay and what cost you might incur. Many stroke patients come back for repeated bouts of therapy as recovery can often be a long term process. Make sure you find a PT and OT experienced in working with stroke patients and someone that will push you. This is imperative so that you can get the best results.
I highly recommend doing research into a facility and its therapists before determining where you will go.

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