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Stroke after a year

by Donna
(Sebring, Fl)

Question: My husband had a stroke a year ago. He has no paralysis, just a lot of joint pain. He has complained of left side stabbing pain in his head even before. Today after having pain in head yesterday, cannot remember his age and looks kind of droopy in the eyes. Should I be worried? Is he having a small stroke? Doctor said in hospital that he had many mini strokes. Should I let doctor know or take to hospital? How do you tell when small strokes are happening?

Answer: TIAs (transient ischemic attacks) can occur and symptoms may appear for a few minutes up to 24 hours but then resolve, and sometimes multiple TIAs or strokes can occur without noticed symptoms and are not discovered until someone has a brain scan. I would definitely go see the doctor or take him to the hospital with the symptoms you are describing. TIAs can present in many different ways including slurred speech, altered mental status, changes in vision, paralysis of face or other body parts just to name a few.

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