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Spasticity and Numbness


Question: After almost 6 month of stroke, I started feeling spasticity on my left rib cage and other parts and tingling sensation started increasing my left palm towards left elbow/hand. I'm having difficulty in breathing and heaviness on left side and feeling of suffocation. I got ECG/ X RAYS/ 3T TEST for heart issue but everything was fine.

Now just done one MRI and again and waiting for report day after tomorrow.

Answer: If all your tests come back okay, you might consider looking into tightness/spasms in the muscles between the ribs (the intercostal muscles). Your symptoms sound similar to what happens to multiple sclerosis patients that have MS Hug if you want to look it up. Stroke can cause spasticity and tightness in various muscles, so maybe the muscles between your ribs are being affected. Some solutions might be massage, therapy to address ribcage tightness, yoga/meditation, or discussing medication options with your doctor that may help relax the muscles if that is what is causing your symptoms.

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