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Sensory issue on right hand

by Roger Cox
(Jupiter Florida )

Question: What can be done, it’s been 25 days and my hand is ice cold some days worse than others, I’ve been scared of Covid and not sure of rehab, drop foot is a 3/4 getting better. Have mobility of hand just tingles and coldness is toughest symptom. Neurologist saw for teleconference only useless. In er was told they had 40 on ventilators so I got out and they agreed.

Answer: A stroke can cause problems with sensation and the brain's ability to interpret stimuli. It is not uncommon to have temperature changes or altered sensation in the extremities. The brain continues healing for several months (and even longer), so I would give it time to see if it resolves. In the mean time, you may try local warming to the hand to see if that helps. Possibly an arthritis glove may work. You can find them on Amazon. I have had patients use IMAK or Vive brands. Sometimes though pressure or touch to an extremity affected by stroke can be sensitive, so the pressure from the glove may be warming, but it may end up being painful if the hand is sensitive. I think with time that the coldness will resolve, but it is not guaranteed. If you continue to have the coldness or pain for several months, you could consult with a physician for other options such as medication. It could be possible that you have decreased circulation to the hand or neuropathy. You might also check with a vascular doctor if the problem persists. Some other ideas are exercising the hand to increase blood flow (e.g. squeezing a ball, open/close the hand, grip exerciser, stretching a rubber band with the fingers or doing theraputty exercises to name a few).

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