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by Diane jacques
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Question: My son is 33, and he had a stroke. He graduated with a special ed diploma on a 5th grade level and he wants his dad there but the facility won’t let him, so today he cried. He isn’t trying to do anything. He just lays there with eyes closed. What can I do? I need help doing rehab at home with nurse and therapists.

Answer: You can get the MD to issue home health orders for a nurse, CNA, and therapy. They normally will only come out several days a week, however, so if you need help daily or around the clock, you may have to look into paid caregiver options. Some states have special assistance. You indicate that you live in Georgia, so you should check with your state to see if they have programs to help you with his care or that may pay you to be a caregiver. Here are some websites that might be helpful in Georgia:>

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