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More numbness than right after stroke

by Diana
(Keizer, OR)

Question: My stroke was 1 1/2 yrs ago. The numbness in my leg is now worse than right after the stroke. Why? I am also dizzy & my leg being more numb throws me off even more. What can I do? I still do exercises as much as I can.

Answer: I would check with your MD to see why numbness has increased. You will want to rule out neuropathy (diabetes is often a cause of neuropathy and can lead to dizziness if blood sugar is low, so that is something to ask about). Decreased circulation can also increase numbness. There are a myriad of reasons that could cause numbness and increased dizziness, so I would first investigate why you are having an increase in these symptoms. Many people will assume exacerbated symptoms that show up months or years later are a result of their initial stroke when in fact are due to something else. If the doctor rules out new nerve or circulatory issues, then I would suggest asking for physical therapy orders for a change in condition.

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Added numbness
by: Anonymous

I had a mini stroke a year ago, I felt better right after. Now, left side is getting worse, hard time walking, dizziness and confusion are getting worse, just randomly lose my breath, even when sleeping, wakes me up. Back in therapy, brace and cane are the answer for now. Hemoglobin levels have been high ever since. No one seems to have answers.

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