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Massive Stroke

by Nancy Fenn
(Apple Valley, Ca)

Question: Hi I am asking if after 8 years from a Massive stroke leaving someone without the ability to Walk or Talk, is it possible for any kind of therapy to help re-connect the brain through electrical response to cure that original inability. I ask because I was approached by a friend to help financially for a person that my husband and I knew in High School and suffered a massive stroke and they claim that this Wellness Company has the ability to electrically stimulate and that his walking and talking can come back...Please advise...

Answer: I would be leery of such claims as there is no machine that can miraculously cure a stroke victim. There may be experimental devices that are being tried and there may be devices out there that could help patients make some improvement, but to claim that walking and talking can come back is not something that I think any reputable company would advertise.

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