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Arm and Hand Movement only when yawning
by: Anonymous

Question: I was in a car accident, my blood pressure shot up so high during the impact, 210/178. What makes this so sad, is the fact that my blood pressure runs on the normal range. This cause my brain to bleed.

I had hemorrhage stroke at age 53, three months ago.

My shoulder has subluxation and it was very is very painful I received a steriod shot to help the pain..

My right side is paralyzed, but recently, I've made progress, of walking without a cane around the house.

I still cannot move my right arm, wrist or fingers. (flaccid).

However, my arm moves when I yawn from the elbow, and my fingers move straight out involutary.

Is this a sign that my arm is waking up? I start back outpatient physyical Therapy this week, and I am hopeful.

Do think E-Stim will help, I don't have any medical conditions that prevent me from using it.

Answer: Stroke is considered an upper motor neuron disorder. After having stroke, it is not uncommon for patients to have flaccid paralysis, involuntary movements, spastic paralysis, and/or varying degrees of movement. Your neurologist may be able to tell you what area of your brain was damaged and possible outcomes. Lesions in certain areas can severely limit fine motor outcomes and some lesions are more likely to result in spasticity or severe paralysis. If you can find out specifics as to where the lesion occurred in your brain, then you could look up information about effects of lesions in this area.

When someone does not have movement, I do like to try e-stim. I also recommend giving mental imagery and mirror therapy a try as well. You can visit It lists various therapies. I would advise you to click on the mental imagery, mirror therapy, and functional electrical stim for upper extremity to see what research has shown about their effectiveness.

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