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Question: Hello! I had a massive ischemic stroke back in 2011 and still cannot walk. As a result I also have very poor balance I have fractured my pelvis 3 times from falling. Is there a way to improve very poor balance. Thank you.

Answer: In your case, I think you need to consult with a physical therapist who specializes in working with stroke patients. Many therapists will say they have experience, but you want someone that has a verified history of working with difficult cases and helping them to stand/walk (ask if they have reviews/or get a referral from someone). If you have exhausted therapy, then you might see if you could find an experienced personal trainer who has worked with stroke patients and injuries. The key is that you need a professional who has a lot of experience. I would say you also need to go to a facility that has specialized equipment to help you. With the number of falls and injuries you've had, I would definitely work with a trained professional rather than trying to do something on your own.

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