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by Thrtesa
(Rogers Arkansas usa)

Question: My husband had several mini strokes only problem is he has short term memory loss but he feels he doesn’t have to help do anything around the house he’s capable of doing things but just doesn’t.

Answer: Having a TIA or stroke does not mean that you have to stop doing activities. Of course some people will have severe impairment and may not be able to help due to physical disabilities, but a stroke or TIA in itself doesn't mean you need to stop doing things you did before. In fact, it is recommended that people who have had a stroke get a certain amount of cardiovascular exercise and strengthening just like other individuals. Besides a physical limitation, there may be certain rare cases where activity has to be limited due to medical problems, but the MD should let you know if that is the case. Maybe you can go with your husband on his next doctor visit and have the doctor let him know it's okay to do housework, so he can't use the TIA as an excuse.

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