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Flushing and heat rash

by Cathy
(Reno, nevada)

Question My goddaughter, 25, is recovering from a right brain aneurysm and stroke. She is complaining of sudden warmth then a rash from the heat. Then symptoms disappear then return. Driving us nuts trying to figure this out. Any ideas?

Answer A stroke patient can be at risk for skin issues if they are not moving around or are staying in the same position for a while (e.g. sitting or lying down for a longer time). If there are bowel or bladder issues, this can cause skin issues as well. Lack of regular hygiene could also be a problem. If someone is taking new medications, there could be skin reactions related to this, so check with the MD or pharmacist to see if this might be the case. Though very rare, there have also been allergies to the metals used in surgery for aneurysm clips. Other things to consider is new clothing or new soaps/detergents used, and where clothing is hitting the skin (in this picture the rash looks close to the band of the pants).

Regardless of what the cause may be, follow up with her MD or a dermatologist. It would help to know exactly when the rashes started, any new meds with dates taken, when the allergy worsens, etc., so that you can narrow down a cause. Here is an article regarding skin care after stroke:

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