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Blurry vision and tearing

by Elaine Samaniego
(Lawndale, CA)

Question: I am sure my guy had a stroke on Thursday evening today is Sunday, and he won't go to doctor. Since this happened his right eye is tearing and he can't see. I have asked him every day if he will go get checked but his answer is no. What should I do?

Answer: I wouldn't speculate, but I definitely would see someone regarding the changes in vision. Sudden vision changes can be a sign of stroke,but since you indicate his symptoms only seem to be involving his eyes, and he won't go to the hospital, I would encourage you to have him visit an eye doctor right away. If the eye doctor suspects something is going on neurological such as a stroke, then the doctor will inform your significant other and can let him know that he needs to see a neurologist or go to the hospital.

The eye doctor may find something specifically wrong with only the eyes that he can treat. Plus if it is something specific to the eyes, an eye doctor will have special equipment to examine the eyes. Sometimes vision problems need to be treated right away to prevent vision loss, so you could let him know that he better see an eye doctor right away to protect his vision.

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