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Blind in right eye

by John Boyt
(Gig Harbor, Wa)

Question: I am blind in my right eye. On a scale of 10, I have 1/2 of 1 site on my right side of my eye. I spent 1 day in emergency care I have seen a Optician and ordering a prosthetic soft contact to stop my retina from getting so much light and getting headaches. is there any exercises that will work since I cant see out of the right Eye. Thank You.

Answer: If you have had sight changes after stroke, it is best to see a neuroptometrist that specializes in vision disorders after stroke. Sometimes they can order special glasses that can help with hemianopsia and other vision disorders related to stroke that a regular optometrist does not typically deal with or may miss. You can find a neuro optometrist on the website or at

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