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Appetite regression after stroke

by Aimee
(Louisiana )

Question My husband,57, had a stroke almost 3 months ago. He was eating very well the first month. Now he barely has an appetite at all. He's losing weight quickly and becoming discouraged. What can cause this regression? Most foods taste bad to him now. Even foods he loved before. My Husband is also diabetic with high BP. Doctors aren't giving us any ideas what to do. He is wasting away. Please help. Thank you for any advice.

Answer: I would suggest doing a consult with a dietician or nutritionist. They may have ideas to make food more appetizing or at least ideas for high-nutrition foods. Sometimes MDs will prescribe an appetite stimulant which is also something you can inquire about. My own mother had kidney disease and was on dialysis. Often people with kidney disease have altered taste buds. She did not like any food after a while, and there wasn't much we could do to alter it. I mention this as many people with diabetes have kidney disease/dialysis and wanted to point it out as a possible cause if your husband deals with anything like this.

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