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Aphasia and employability

by Linda R McCall
(New Orleans, LA, USA)

Question: My daughter had a massive stroke almost 14 years ago at age 28. She has rehabilitated extremely well but struggles with aphasia. She would very much like to work but employment is very limited for someone with aphasia. Are there resources to get her back into he work force. She is starting to get depressed. She was extremely talented and successful prior to her stroke. As she says, everything is still inside her head but it is difficult to get it out correctly when speaking or writing. I would like to find resources for her to build her self esteem and sense of self worth back up. Any ideas or recommendations would be most appreciated.

Answer: Each state has vocational rehabilitation services to help people with rehabilitation and return to work force. You indicate you are in Louisiana, so you can visit online to get more info. If your daughter happens to live in a different state, you can find each state's information regarding vocational rehab at She can also connect with others via the National Aphasia Association where professional with aphasia have a biweekly video chat for those with aphasia working or wanting to return to work. Visit for more info. There are probably many other resources on the National Aphasia website as well.

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