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Stroke Recovery Tips, November 2016 Issue
November 24, 2016

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This is a special version of Stroke Recovery Tips which includes answers to common questions about rehabilitation from stroke patients and answers to questions from caregivers. Questions addressed include inquiries about balance, arm weakness, improving sit to stand, spasticity, memory issues and much more.

Also, a patient education company that I recently talked with is looking for volunteers to discuss the impact of spasticity on their lives. If you are a stroke patient in the United States with spasticity and would be willing to do a phone interview regarding the effects of spasticity, please contact me at so that I can get you in contact with the company. They are looking for volunteers to talk to ASAP.

To read the latest special version of Stroke Recovery Tips November 2016, please click here.

Don't forget to try out the Stroke Rehab Forum to connect with other stroke patients or caregivers. Many patients have introduced themselves and are waiting for responses from others. Please help to make this forum thrive!

If you have html e-mail, and the newsletter link does not work for you, you can copy and paste the website address in your browser. The web address is
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