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Stroke Recovery Tips, August 2013 Issue
August 04, 2013

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Here's the latest from the August 2013 Issue of Stroke Recovery Tips:

Orthotics for the Foot

Many stroke patients are prescribed ankle foot orthoses to help with foot drop and to prevent or lessen dragging of the affected foot. However, what many patients don’t hear about is the many different types of orthotics that are available for the foot. Some of the functions of foot orthotics are to correct foot deformity, decrease pain, improve shock absorption, and reduce pressure on sensitive areas.

Some of the foot orthotics available include heel wedges, metatarsal bars, sole wedges, metatarsal pads, toe crests, scaphoid pads, and rocket bars to name a few. If you or a loved one are having trouble with foot pain, curling toes, skin breakdown/sores, or any other foot problem that might warrant intervention, then you may want to seek out the help of a podiatrist and/or orthotist. They can help you determine what if any orthotic might be helpful to you or your loved one. Many occupational/physical therapists and general MDs may not even know about the different devices that are available so make sure you seek the help of someone that specializes in working with feet and using orthotics.

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