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Why Can't I find Neuroplasticity Information in Israel?

Question: Hi, there is very interesting information here, but it is also sad because I cannot find anything in Hebrew. That means no one in Israel is using the neuroplasticity knowledge.

Currently, after reading some here, I'm looking for equipment to use for a hand that was badly effected. Maybe this will lead to introducing it to others in need over here.

Let me add that if you had some type of spell correcting tool for non natives, it would be helpful as many may feel unsure of typing in English. Thanks.

Answer: Hello, and thank you for your questions and comments. I check every submission before posting it on my website, and I correct grammatical and spelling errors. This means that people do not have to worry about misspelling or using the wrong words because I will ensure that it makes sense and has correct spelling/grammar.

As far as your question about a hand device, I am obviously not as familiar with rehabilitation in Israel, however, I am aware of a robotic hand device that a company and therapists use over there. In fact, I learned about it from a girl who was in the US. Her therapist was in Israel and helped her use the product communicating via online video. The website where the product can be located is:

This link is the Israeli version, but they also have English interpretation if there are English speakers who want to read about it. Maybe you can contact this company and find out about therapists in Israel that use it. They may have info about therapists in Israel that are familiar with neuroplasticity research as well. I'm sure the information is there - it's just a matter of finding it.

If you find good information about stroke rehab in Israel that you would like to share with others on my website, please let me know.

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