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what happens after the 100 days?

(Dallas, TX)

Question: My father, 84, had a left side stroke which left the right side of his entire body paralyzed to some degree. He has trouble swallowing, is incontinent, can't get himself to a sitting position, has trouble feeding himself due to his left hand also being weak...sadly, a turtle on its back - what happens when the days of covered care have been exhausted? He cannot come home, I am not qualified or equipped to offer the proper care.

Answer: If it is early on in his stroke recovery, he may change significantly over the 100 days. I've seen stroke patients present this way in the first couple of weeks of their stroke and then later go on to be independent or at least functioning at a much higher level. On the other hand, if he is nearing 100 days of care, and he has not improved to a level that you can care for him, you will need to talk to the social worker to determine what options you have for care in a facility. He may need to apply for government aid. I would definitely give yourself time to plan, so make sure you are communicating with the social worker early on.

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