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Question:How can I encourage weight bearing on the affected leg?

Answer:Weight bearing can be encouraged on the affected leg by shifting weight over to that side, one legged standing on the affected leg, and stepping the non-affected leg up and down on a bench which requires you to weight bear through the affected leg. Stepping forward and back with the non-affected leg will also encourage weight bearing on the affected leg. Please note that if the affected leg does not have enough strength and the knee buckles, it will be necessary to have a therapist or trained caregiver help support the leg while performing the exercises. It is most effective to do the exercises without holding on with the hands, but that may be too difficult for some so holding on to a steady surface may be necessary. All patients should consult with their therapist to see if the exercises are appropriate and should be trained by their therapist on how to appropriately do the exercises.

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Bed exercises to strengthen leg first
by: Polly

I began by strengthening my affected leg with bed exercises before starting to shift weight to that side

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