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Vision Rehab Treatment

by Audrey
(Salem, Oregon USA)

Question: What can be done regarding vision rehab in a stroke patient with homonymous hemianopsia who wants to resume driving again?

Thanks, Audrey

Answer:The patient would need to visit a neuro-optometrist (this is a specialized optometrist, not just any optometrist). The neuro-optometrist can evaluate the stroke patient's vision, determine the level of damage, prescribe special glasses that can help with the visual field, and make recommendations about what if any visual rehab is needed. To find a neuro-optometrist in your area, visit the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Website at or use their healthcare finder tool at

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Vision therapy
by: iLM

Our neurologist suggested we visit a neuro opthamalogist to determine vision weakness. He also scheduled an appointment with a driving therapist. The N.O. Found significant cataracts and following a driving evaluation, the plan was set to complete cataract surgery before moving forward with driving therapy. One eye has been completed, restored to 20/20 Our major problem is left side neglect. It was explained to us that it isn't just his left eye, but the left portion of both eyes. We tried speech therapist for cognitive, but neither therapist really understood left side neglect. I would be interested in other suggestions for LSN. my husband has directional and time management deficit.

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