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Question My mother-in-law had a stroke over a year ago, and we, her children, have all taken turns watching her. The problem is that she has turned vulgar. She publicly says horrible sexual comments about people around her. What causes this? Many times this is in front of children. We aren't sure what to do! She also seems to like to walk around naked.

Answer She most likely had damage to the part of her brain that would regulate this type of behavior. As a result she is impulsive and uninhibited. Due to the damage to the brain, she probably is unable to control her actions as we would normally be able to. You could have her consult with a neuro-psychologist to see if the issue could be addressed. You could try making her aware of how the stroke has adversely affected her and at least try to educate her about what is going on, but it may be futile if she can't self regulate or retain the information. You could also try posting reminders that help her remember to watch what she says. I think the best option though is to see the neuro-psychologist.

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