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Tunnel vision from stroke

by Gail
(Wellsburg, Iowa)

Question: My husband suffered a stroke that only effected his eye sight. It left him with tunnel vision. He says he can see everything upward but out to the sides and especially below he says there is nothing.

Would occupational therapy help him in any way? The doctors never really followed up with what he was suppose to do, they just sent him home.

Answer:You can take your husband to a neuro-optometrist that deals with special vision issues like this which are due to stroke. Often special glasses with prism lenses can be made to help with the vision deficit. They may also have visual therapy available as well or at least will be able to refer you to a therapist. A neuro-optometrist is different than your regular optometrist, and to find the closest one to where you live, you can go to It looks like the closest two to you are in Independence and Cedar Rapids. There are not many neuro-optometrists so I would just enter your state name when you search rather than your city.

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