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Subluxation prevention Trays in sitting position

by Eric

Question:What is the best lap or half trays out there for a flaccid arm? Thanks.

Answer: I'm not sure there is a best tray. I think it all depends on the patient, their posture, the amount of tone in the arm, the amount of movement in the arm, and how the tray fits on their particular wheelchair. Some trays will work for one patient but not another. If the patient is frequently up and down then a half tray would be preferred over a full tray. If the arm falls off a half tray, then an arm trough might be better. It is important to make sure that whatever device you use is not digging or pushing too hard against the patient's arm. You also need to make sure that the patient is safe with the device and doesn't get the arm hung in awkward positions. If the arm does not have a lot of spasticity, then I like the padded arm troughs which are more comfortable and tend to keep the arm in place. If someone has quite a bit of movement, then a tray may be more appropriate so they can move their arm around on the tray. I would tell an individual to consult with an occupational therapist or wheelchair seating specialist to be evaluated for what tray is best for his or her circumstance.

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