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Stroke Aphasia

by Denise Lehman
(Pleasant Valley, MO)

Question: If you had a mid-cerebral artery stroke, does aphasia get worse and also what is the most amount of time you have seen the "light" come back on after someone has suffered this type of stroke? Thanks.

Answer: The mid-cerebral artery can be affected in different areas as well as the left versus the right MCA. The severity of damage as well as the effects and long term outcomes vary among stroke victims so it would be difficult to predict what happens. The MD working with the patient may be able to give you some idea of prognosis based on severity and area of the MCA involved. Generally, the longer someone continues with adverse effects (especially more severe effects), the more difficult it will be for recovery. In my practice, I find that the most rapid recovery occurs in the first six months after stroke and slows down after this time period. Many gains can still be made after this initial period, but in my experience they are slower to occur and not usually as significant as the initial gains made.

A quick review of research on my part appears to back up my sentiment regarding aphasia. I would recommend doing a search on "aphasia outcomes after stroke" which will give you a lot more information.

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