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strength exercises to get up from a sitting postion

Question: I had a stroke over a year and a half ago. I am still not able to get up from a chair if its too low. I am able to get up from my bed and a stool but not a regular chair. What exercise if any can I do to strengthen this muscle? I am not sure if its my knees or backside that is too weak thank you so much for this site. I really would like to improve I am embarrassed in public trying to get up. Thank you for your time.

Answer: The exercise I like to have patients do for getting up from a low surface is to use a hi-lo mat. This mat can be raised or lowered to various heights. I find the height that is difficult but not impossible for the patient to stand up from and practice sets of sit to stand from this height. I work on bringing the mat down a little bit lower over time until the patient can get up from a lower surface (without arms if possible). Obviously, unless you are at a rehab gym, you probably do not have access to a hi-lo mat. What you could purchase to recreate the activity at home though is a portable power lift seat (they range in price from $100 to $230). You could place the lift seat on a low surface and then use the lift mechanism to practice getting up at different heights until you are able to get up from the lower height of a regular chair.

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