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Standard wheelchair without large back wheels

by Edith
(chesapeake, VA)

Question: Is there a standard size wheelchair that my husband can propel with his feet & possibly his right hand? Someone gave us an adult size wheelchair but it has quite large back wheels which is difficult to position in our bathroom especially to help him more safely transfer from the toilet back into the wheelchair. He is 6'1" tall weighing 190#.

Answer: It is a good idea to have a professional fit him for a wheelchair. There are special hemi wheelchairs that are meant to be propelled with one arm and can be propelled by the feet. Also, they can tell you if a cushion is needed. You could always contact a durable medical equipment company (DME) and have a rep come out to assess his needs or you could meet with a physical therapist for a wheelchair seating assessment. Wheelchairs are often covered by insurance if you get a physician's prescription. If finances or lack of insurance coverage is an issue, you could call a DME equipment and just talk to someone over the phone about what type of chair is appropriate based on his height and diagnosis and then look online to find a chair (online sources may have cheaper wheelchairs available). Here is some information about wheelchair fitting:

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