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speech setback

Question: My friend had a stroke a few months back and has been doing great. At the beginning, she had a terrible time talking. With nonstop speech therapy, she has been making incredible progress. However, she woke up a couple of days ago and her speech had regressed. It is not as bad as right after the stroke but definitely not as good as she has been. She has no other symptoms of setbacks. I'm trying to support her in the best way I can as she has been getting depressed with the setback. My question is how come she had a setback? I have looked everywhere but without luck.

Answer: She should be checked out to make sure she did not have another stroke or TIA. You can have a stroke with the only symptom being speech issues. I have had several patients report they regress with their speech. I do not know of any reason why this would happen. Hopefully it may just be a fluctuation in speech performance rather than a digression. It would not be unusual to have days that are not as good as others. I'm sorry that I do not have more information for you.

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