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Question: I have spasticity in right arm and when I walk my elbow does nor want to lie straight. My right hand the index finger does not flex however my thumb and third finger function pretty well I have had botox injections but they don't seem to do much. I think the doctor is not injecting in the right places she doesn't seem to care if it works or not and says Botox does not do much.

I have tried to explain where the muscles feel tight but she will not inject there.

I am wondering where the injections should be placed to help me with straightening my elbow and index finger

Thank you

Answer: Botox Injections to help with elbow flexor spasticity should be placed in either the biceps, brachialis or brachioradialis muscle. I would seek a second opinion or find another MD to do the injections if you are not satisfied with your current MD.

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