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Soooo worried

by Nikki

Question My mom had a stroke that affects her right side two weeks ago today and she's not staying put she keeps getting up and trying to walk around and falls , we can't leave her alone for a second she tries to get up ,she's sleeping for short periods at a time and these last two days I realize she's not responding like before. She was talking quite normal but now she refused to open her mouth to say anything and she doesn't seem to be aware of anything since yesterday,could it be the lack of rest is causing her to worsen?

Answer: Lack of rest or being tired can cause symptoms of stroke to be magnified. For example, some stroke patients at the end of the day may present with more slurred speech, more impaired cognition, or more visibly noticeable physical effects. However, worsening of symptoms could also signify something more severe such as a TIA, a new stroke, or conversion of the current stroke, so if her symptoms seem different or magnified such as you have described, then I would take her to the hospital emergency room. It's also helpful to monitor heart rate and blood pressure which might also give you clues about her condition. Obviously high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat would be a concern if it was present.

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