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Sensory overload

Question: I've had 2 hemorrhagic basal ganglia strokes 7 weeks ago. I'm in OT and speech therapy and doing well but I can't handle too much stimulus! Busy places and bright light all gives me anxiety and wears me out! I have not gone back to work yet! Will this go away? It seems like I can only do one thing at a time. I go into overload when too many things happen around me! The anxiety can be debilitating ! Thanks

Answer: I wish I could give you a definitive answer, but only time will tell if it will go away. 7 weeks is still early on in the stroke recovery process, so I would give it time. You can always request less stimuli while doing therapy, and gradually increase the stimuli as time progresses. You might first start in a room by yourself and the therapist with dimmer lights, then move to brighter lights, then move to the door opened, then move to a secluded part of the therapy gym, and just keep progressing until you have the hang of it.

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