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Remember problem after mild stroke

Question: Recently my mother had a mild stroke. She recovered soon after the stroke. She was paralyzed on her left side which was cured by physiotherapy(80%), but recently we found she forgets things or names. Please tell me is this dangerous or a sign of another stroke? What is the remedy?

Answer: If she began forgetting things after the first stroke, it may just have been a result of that stroke. If the loss of memory did not coincide with the first stroke but occurred later, then I would check with her physician to makes sure she hasn't had any new issues. A new stroke of course could be dangerous so it's best to check with a physician if you notice a loved one exhibiting any new symptoms that weren't previously present.

In dealing with short term memory loss, you could try a memory journal so the patient can write down names and important information. You can also use a calendar to help with dates and appointments. The patient would use these to help compensate for deficits. The patient could also participate in cognitive or speech therapy and work on improving memory or using adaptive techniques to deal with memory loss.

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